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About Me

My name is Damini Satya. I'm a software engineer working on building next-generation scale data centers. Things which I really care and passionate about

  • Computers The complex circuits and workflows never fail to fascinate me. I'm still in the process of learning the deep internal components of my computer.
  • Contributing to Open Source Something which I live and breath for! I boldly tell it out, "I love Open Source Software" I'm an ardent Open Source contributor and am part of various communities like Kubernetes, Loklak, Fossasia, Women Who Code and so on.
  • Building sustainable Open Source communities I'm a strong supporter of diversity and inclusive Open Source communities. I make sure all the community members feel inclusive and respected.
  • Mental Health (Elsa) and Self-care Mental Health is very important and SHOULD be taken care of. As part of this initiative, I'm working on building Elsa - An AI conversational agent aimed at improving mental health. (I will be bloging about my journey building Elsa soon.) Regarding Mental Health issues like depression, If you are looking for a friend or someone to just listen to your problems, I will be your best friend and try my best to help you out!
If you really enjoy reading my blogs or want to just connect with me, do buzz me on Twitter @Daminisatya